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[igraph] burt's brokerage

From: Umberto77
Subject: [igraph] burt's brokerage
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 20:02:34 +0200

Hi all!
Some time ago I already posted a similar question.
It is really important for my research to get a vertex’s Ron.Burt's brokerage 
measure both calculated at (directed) ego network level and at (directed) 
network level, and both for weighted and unweighted networks. The chance to get 
the measure for graphs with loops too would be great.

Is there anything getting close? I know in sna there’s a Gould&Fernandez index 
but that is not exactly what I do need, and I think it’s only for unweighted 

Any help? Thanks a lot. Umberto

P.s. I just bought 
 great book!


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