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Re: [igraph] Using igraph + pycairo

From: Tamás Nepusz
Subject: Re: [igraph] Using igraph + pycairo
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 17:40:58 +0200

It could be the case that MacPorts installed Cairo for MacPorts' own Python interpreter, while igraph is installed for the system-wide default Python interpreter. That's why they can't see each other. Either you'll have to compile and install Cairo for the system Python, or compile and install igraph for MacPorts' Python.


From: Floriane B <address@hidden>
Reply: address@hidden <address@hidden>>, Help for igraph users <address@hidden>>
Date: 10 September 2014 at 17:39:20
To: address@hidden <address@hidden>>
Subject:  [igraph] Using igraph + pycairo

Hi there, 

I would like to use cairo in order to plot some graph from igraph, but it somehow doesn't work. 
I work on OSX version 10.9.3. 
X-code is installed
I usually work on IDLE which version is 2.7.8
I installed igraph 
Then I installed Macports and followed a tutorial in order to install py27-cairo, which installed by the way the following modules : 

 bzip2 @1.0.6_0 (active)

  cairo @1.12.16_2+x11 (active)

  db46 @4.6.21_9 (active)

  db_select @0.1_2 (active)

  expat @2.1.0_0 (active)

  fontconfig @2.11.1_0 (active)

  freetype @2.5.3_1 (active)

  gdbm @1.11_0 (active)

  gettext @0.19.2_0 (active)

  glib2 @2.40.0_1 (active)

  libedit @20121213-3.0_0 (active)

  libffi @3.1_4 (active)

  libiconv @1.14_0 (active)

  libpixman @0.32.6_0 (active)

  libpng @1.6.12_0 (active)

  libxml2 @2.9.1_0 (active)

  ncurses @5.9_2 (active)

  openssl @1.0.1i_0 (active)

  perl5 @5.12.4_0+perl5_16 (active)

  perl5.16 @5.16.3_0 (active)

  py-cairosvg_select @0.1_0 (active)

  py27-cairo @1.10.0_3+x11 (active)

  py27-cairosvg @1.0.9_0 (active)

  python27 @2.7.8_1 (active)

  python_select @0.3_3 (active)

  sqlite3 @3.8.6_0 (active)

  xorg-kbproto @1.0.6_0 (active)

  xorg-libpthread-stubs @0.3_0 (active)

  xorg-libX11 @1.6.2_0 (active)

  xorg-libXau @1.0.8_0 (active)

  xorg-libxcb @1.11_0+python27 (active)

  xorg-libXdmcp @1.1.1_0 (active)

  xorg-libXext @1.3.3_0 (active)

  xorg-renderproto @0.11.1_0 (active)

  xorg-xcb-proto @1.11_0+python27 (active)

  xorg-xcb-util @0.3.9_0 (active)

  xorg-xextproto @7.3.0_0 (active)

  xorg-xproto @7.0.26_0 (active)

  xrender @0.9.8_0 (active)

  xz @5.0.5_0 (active)

  zlib @1.2.8_0 (active)

I can import igraph and use some of its characteristics (like create a graph) but when I try to plot it, I got the "plotting not available" error, as follow : 

>>> from igraph import * 

>>> g = Graph.Famous("petersen")

>>> plot(g)

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>

  File "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/igraph/drawing/__init__.py", line 458, in plot

    result = Plot(target, bbox, background="")

  File "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/igraph/drawing/__init__.py", line 129, in __init__

    self._surface_was_created = not isinstance(target, cairo.Surface)

  File "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/igraph/drawing/utils.py", line 396, in __getattr__

    raise TypeError("plotting not available")

TypeError: plotting not available

Being new to this world, I absolutely don't know what I did wrong. 
I tried to import the modules too, but it doesn't seem to recognize them. 

>>> import cairo

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>

ImportError: No module named cairo

Does someone know what I can do to resolve this ? Thank you in advance for your help ! 

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