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[igraph] Constructing graphs from data set

From: patricia
Subject: [igraph] Constructing graphs from data set
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 05:43:30 +0300

Good Night

I am an undergraduate student of the Bachelor degree course in Computer Science and I am participating in a Scientific Initiation project where I need to use the igraph library, but I have almost no knowledge in C language and my supervisor requires me to use that language. I wonder how do I build a graph from a dataset (iris dataset). Should I build an empty graph from the iris dataset to calculate the distance between two vectors, and if this distance (Euclidean) is less than a parameter (p) I must add these two newly created vertices to the graph and the calculated distance will be the weight edge created. 

Note: My OS is Windows Vista and the development environment I use the C language is Code Blocks.

Thank you

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