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[igraph] Constructing graphs from dataset

From: patricia
Subject: [igraph] Constructing graphs from dataset
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2014 23:16:44 +0300


I am an undergraduate student of the Bachelor degree course in Computer Science and I am participating in a Scientific Initiation project where I need to use the igraph library, but I have almost no knowledge in C language and my supervisor requires me to use that language. 

I need to build a graph that has the number of vertices equal to the number of lines of the loaded dataset (iris - number of lines: 150). Then I calculate the Euclidean distance between vectors of the dataset and if this distance is less than a threshold established the two vertices (represented by the lines of the file) should be added to the graph and the distance between them should also be added to the graph as a weight.  

Would very much like to help me.

Note: My OS is Windows Vista and the development environment I use the C language is Code Blocks. 

Thank you

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