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[igraph] Graphing in a "polar" layout

From: Christina Pikas
Subject: [igraph] Graphing in a "polar" layout
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 09:11:02 -0500

I've got ~100 nodes assigned to various categories. I would like to end up with nodes of one category in the center and all the other categories spaced along a ring outside - like this NodeXL polar graph: http://www.connectedaction.net/2013/03/03/how-to-plot-a-network-in-a-polar-layout-using-nodexl/

I know about star layouts (just one node in the center?) and ring or circle layouts.

My plan was to find the layout coordinates for subgraphs for each group and then copy them all over, but this is proving to be even more of a hassle than I had originally thought.

Is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance,

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