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[igraph] graph operations

From: Jey Narasimhan
Subject: [igraph] graph operations
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 11:31:31 -0500


My ascent of the learning curve of igraph is made significantly
smoother thanks to the authors and the great documentation and an
active mailing list. I am actually migrating from another graph
library purely for performance reasons.

I just have two quick questions before starting my first script using

1) I am looking for the definitions of graph operations such as
intersection, union, etc., but could not find them in the API
documentation. Is there any place where I can find their definitions?

2) I tried to glean out the current state of augmenting attributes to
edges when adding them through add_edges() from the mailing list
archives, but could not. I understand this is possible when using
add_edge(), but it is clear from the authors' replies that add_edges()
is much more faster.

Thank you.

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