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[igraph] simplify function

From: Jey Narasimhan
Subject: [igraph] simplify function
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2015 14:40:52 -0400


I am trying to analyze the 'multiple' edges in my multigraph which is
undirected. I need to combine  multiple edges between any two vertices
into one by doing a custom operation on all the attributes, so I am
using the combine_edges parameter with a user-defined function.

If there are, say, 3 attributes for each edge, then I find for a set
of multiple edges, each attribute is passed one at a time with the
attibute values in a list. Is it possible to receive all the
attributes at once? Because, my custom function need to operate on all
to decide the final value for each attribute.

Also, please point me to a place where combine_edges is used with a
custom function in an example.

Thank you.

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