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[igraph] temporal co-authorship network

From: Daniele Rotolo
Subject: [igraph] temporal co-authorship network
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 16:42:02 +0000


I have publication data as follows:

Organization_name Publication_id Publication_Year

Organization 1 001 2013

Organization 2 001 2013

Organization 1 002 2012

Organization 3 002 2012


I can easily convert this 2-mode network (Organization-Publication) in a 1-mode network (Organization-Organization) by using R and then graph. I managed to do this also over time, by filtering the 2-mode network by date. However, this approach inevitably assignes different IDs to the same organization over time. I would like instead to produce networks that have a constant number of nodes (i.e. nodes' IDs remain the same across time) where nodes can leave and join the network as well as edges can change over time.

Any suggestion on how to do structure the data in this way?

Many thanks!


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