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[igraph] Problems about igraph calculating cluster coefficient

Subject: [igraph] Problems about igraph calculating cluster coefficient
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2015 16:18:56 +0800


The igraph vesion I was using is 6.5,and I have a problem about calculating clustering coefficient.When I use the function like this
igraph_vector_t clusterres;
igraph_vector_init(&clusterres, 0);
igraph_transitivity_local_undirected(&g,&clusterres,igraph_vss_all(), IGRAPH_TRANSITIVITY_ZERO);
the result in  clusterres is zero or one,but the real result is not like this .
The parameters' meaning are as follows:
&g means the graph data ;
& clusterres is used to store the result;
the graph is undirected and unweighted;
the example dataset is as follows:
0 1
0 2
1 2
1 3
3 2
I want to calculate all vertices in the graph.In this function I can't get the right result ,and I don't know why.Maybe I need your help.
Thank you very much!

Best Regrads!

Tian Li

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