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Re: [igraph] pip install python-igraph error?

From: Tamas Nepusz
Subject: Re: [igraph] pip install python-igraph error?
Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 13:34:49 +0200
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Hi Nick,

> Tried doing a new python-igraph install on a new computer with clean
> anaconda 2.7.3 install. Got:
> [...]
>     grep: /usr/lib/libiconv.la: No such file or directory
>     sed: /usr/lib/libiconv.la: No such file or directory
I have seen it a few times before -- it's quite common and not specific to
igraph. (Googling for "missing libiconv.la" reveals quite a lot of hits). Some
other .la file on your system (probably in /usr/lib, but maybe not) lists
/usr/lib/libiconv.la as a dependency even though it should not be required. Try
to find out which other .la file refers to libiconv.la and then either move
that file aside temporarily or remove libiconv.la temporarily from the list of
dependencies in that other file.


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