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[igraph] make check fails 45 times

Subject: [igraph] make check fails 45 times
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 17:58:30 +0000



I need help with the igraph installation via Cygwin in Windows 8.1


After successfully complete



make check


I have the following tests that have failed (I repeated the process twice)


46: Query many edge ids (igraph_get_eids):          FAILED (basic.at:79)


Iterators aka vertex and edge sequences


47: Vertices in a vector (igraph_vs_vector):        ok

48: Non-adjacent vertices (igraph_vs_nonadj):       ok

49: Sequence (igraph_vs_seq):                       ok

50: Edges given by end points (igraph_es_pairs):    ok

51: Edges in a path (igraph_es_path):               ok


Structure generators


52: Simple graph creation (igraph_create):          ok

53: Barabasi-Albert model (igraph_barabasi_game):   FAILED (structure_generators.at:31)

54: More Barabasi-Albert model (igraph_barabasi_game): FAILED (structure_generators.at:36)

55: Erdos-Renyi model (igraph_erdos_renyi_game):    FAILED (structure_generators.at:41)

56: Degree sequence (igraph_degree_sequence_game):  FAILED (structure_generators.at:46)

57: k-regular graphs (igraph_k_regular_game):       FAILED (structure_generators.at:51)

58: Growing random (igraph_growing_random_game):    ok

59: Preference model (igraph_preference_game):      FAILED (structure_generators.at:61)

60: From adjacency matrix (igraph_adjacency):       ok

61: From weighted adjacency matrix (igraph_weighted_adjacency): ok

62: Star graph (igraph_star):                       ok

63: Lattice graph (igraph_lattice):                 FAILED (structure_generators.at:81)

64: Ring graph (igraph_ring):                       FAILED (structure_generators.at:86)

65: Tree graph (igraph_tree):                       ok

66: Full graph (igraph_full):                       ok

67: Graph atlas (igraph_atlas):                     ok

68: Small graph (igraph_small):                     ok

69: Geomeric random graphs (igraph_grg_game):       FAILED (structure_generators.at:111)

70: Graphs in LCF notation (igraph_lcf{,_vector}):  FAILED (structure_generators.at:116)

71: Watts-Strogatz graphs (igraph_watts_strogatz_game): FAILED (structure_generators.at:121)


Structural properties


72: Two vertices connected by an edge:              ok

73: Density of a graph (igraph_density):            FAILED (structural_properties.at:31)

74: Diameter of a graph (igraph_diameter):          FAILED (structural_properties.at:36)

75: Average geodesic length (igraph_average_path_length):  FAILED (structural_properties.at:41)

76: Google PageRank (igraph_pagerank):              FAILED (structural_properties.at:46)

77: Random rewiring (igraph_rewire):                ok

78: Get the shortest paths (igraph_get_shortest_paths):  ok

79: Get the shortest paths #2 (igraph_get_shortest_paths):  ok

80: Weighted shortest paths (Dijkstra):             ok

81: Weighted shortest paths (Bellman-Ford):         ok

82: Get the weighted shortest paths (Dijkstra):     ok

83: Get all weighted shortest paths (Dijkstra):     ok

84: Shortest path wrappers for single target node:  ok

85: Betweenness (igraph_betweenness):               FAILED (structural_properties.at:96)

86: Betweenness, big integers (igraph_betweenness):  FAILED (structural_properties.at:101)

87: Edge betweenness (igraph_edge_betweenness):     FAILED (structural_properties.at:107)

88: Transitivity (igraph_transitivity):             ok

89: Local transitivity (igraph_local_transitivity):  FAILED (structural_properties.at:117)

90: Reciprocity (igraph_reciprocity):               ok

91: Minimum spanning tree (igraph_minimum_spanning_tree_*):  FAILED (structural_properties.at:128)

92: Cocitation and bibcoupling (igraph_cocitation,igraph_bibcoupling): ok

93: Similarity coefficients (igraph_similarity_*):  ok

94: Simplification of non-simple graphs (igraph_simplify):  ok

95: Topological sorting (igraph_topological_sorting, igraph_is_dag):  ok

96: Feedback arc sets, Eades heuristics (igraph_feedback_arc_set):  ok

97: Feedback arc sets, integer programming (igraph_feedback_arc_set):  ok

98: Loop edges test (igraph_is_loop):               ok

99: Multiple edges test (igraph_is_multiple):       ok

100: Multiple edges test (igraph_has_multiple):      ok

101: Girth (igraph_girth):                           ok

102: Convergence degree (igraph_convergence_degree):  ok

103: Assortativity coefficient (igraph_assortativity):  ok

104: Average nearest neighbor degree (igraph_avg_nearest_neighbor_degree):  ok

105: Transitive closure of a DAG (igraph_transitive_closure_dag):  ok

106: Eccentricity (igraph_eccentricity):             ok

107: Radius (igraph_radius):                         ok




108: Decompose a graph (igraph_decompose):           FAILED (components.at:26)

109: Biconnected components (igraph_biconnected_components): ok




110: Grid layout (igraph_layout_grid, igraph_layout_grid_3d): ok

111: Large Graph Layout (igraph_layout_lgl):         ok

112: Reingold-Tilford tree layout (igraph_layout_reingold_tilford): ok

113: Sugiyama layout (igraph_layout_sugiyama):       ok

114: Multidimensional scaling (igraph_layout_mds):   ok

115: Covering circle and sphere (igraph_i_layout_sphere_{2,3}d): ok

116: Merging layouts (igraph_i_layout_merge):        ok

117: Merging layouts 2 (igraph_i_layout_merge):      skipped (layout.at:63)

118: Merging layouts 3 (igraph_i_layout_merge):      FAILED (layout.at:68)




119: Internal breadth-first search (igraph_i_bfs):   ok

120: Breadth-first search (igraph_bfs):              ok


Graph topology


121: The isomorphism class of a subgraph (igraph_isolass_subgraph) FAILED (topology.at:26)

122: The VF2 isomorphism algorithm                   FAILED (topology.at:31)

123: VF algorithm with compatibility functions       FAILED (topology.at:36)

124: LAD subgraph isomorphism algorithm              ok

125: Graphical degree sequences                      ok




126: RAND-ESU algorithm (igraph_motifs_randesu)      FAILED (motifs.at:26)


Foreign formats


127: Reading Pajek (igraph_read_graph_pajek):        ok

128: GraphML (igraph_{read,write}_graph_graphml):    skipped (foreign.at:32)

129: Writing Pajek (igraph_write_graph_pajek):       FAILED (foreign.at:38)

130: Pajek with number of edges present (igraph_read_graph_pajek): ok

131: Pajek, bipartite (igraph_read_graph_pajek):     ok

132: Pajek, bipartite incidence matrix (igraph_read_graph_pajek): ok

133: Pajek, signed (igraph_read_graph_pajek):        ok

134: Pajek, writing bipartite graph (igraph_write_graph_pajek): FAILED (foreign.at:66)

135: Reading an LGL file (igraph_read_graph_lgl):    ok

136: Writing LGL (igraph_write_graph_lgl):           ok

137: Reading a graph from the graph database (igraph_read_graph_graphdb): ok

138: Reading a GML file (igraph_read_graph_gml):     ok

139: Writing a DOT file (igraph_write_graph_dot):    ok

140: Different line endings:                         FAILED (foreign.at:102)

141: UNICET DL format:                               ok

142: LEDA format:                                    ok


Miscellaneous functions


143: Convex hull calculation (igraph_convex_hull):   ok

144: Fitting power-law distributions (igraph_power_law_fit): ok


Graphs operators


145: Disjoint union (igraph_disjoint_union, igraph_dosjoint_union_many): ok

146: Union (igraph_union, igraph_union_many):        ok

147: Intersection (igraph_intersection, igraph_intersection_many): ok

148: Intersection 2 (igraph_intersection, igraph_intersection_many): ok

149: Difference (igraph_difference):                 ok

150: Complementer (igraph_complementer):             ok

151: Composition (igraph_compose):                   ok


Conversion functions


152: Directed to undirected (igraph_to_undirected):  ok

153: Graphs from adjacency list (igraph_adjlist):    FAILED (conversion.at:32)

154: Graph to Laplacian matrix (igraph_laplacian):   ok


Maximum flows and such


155: Maximum flow value (igraph_maxflow_value):      ok

156: Maximum flow (igraph_maxflow):                  ok

157: Minimum cut (igraph_mincut):                    ok

158: Even-Tarjan reduction (igraph_even_tarjan_reduction):  ok

159: Dominator tree of a flow graph (igraph_dominator_tree):  ok

160: All s-t cuts of a graph (igraph_all_st_cuts):   ok

161: All minimal s-t cuts of a graph (igraph_all_st_mincuts):  ok

162: Gomory-Hu tree (igraph_gomory_hu_tree):         ok


Community structure


163: Spinglass clustering (igraph_spinglass_community):  FAILED (community.at:26)

164: Walktrap community structure (igraph_walktrap_community):  FAILED (community.at:31)

165: Edge betweenness community structure (igraph_community_edge_betweenness):  ok

166: Modularity optimization (igraph_community_fastgreedy):  ok

167: Leading eigenvector community structure (igraph_community_leading_eigenvector) : ok

168: Weighted leading eigenvector community structure (igraph_community_leading_eigenvector) : ok

169: Leading eigenvector bug #1002140 test (igraph_community_leading_eigenvector) : ok

170: Label propagation algorithm (igraph_community_label_propagation) : ok

171: Multilevel community detection (igraph_community_multilevel) : skipped (community.at:73)

172: Multilevel community detection, isolates (igraph_community_multilevel) : ok

173: Modularity optimization, integer programming (igraph_community_optimal_modularity) : ok

174: Infomap community structure (igraph_community_infomap) : FAILED (community.at:90)


Cliques and independent vertex sets.


175: Calculating cliques (igraph_cliques):           ok

176: Additional test for maximal cliques (igraph_maximal_cliques): FAILED (cliques.at:34)

177: More maximal cliques (igraph_maximal_cliques):  FAILED (cliques.at:40)

178: Maximal cliques 3 (igraph_maximal_cliques):     FAILED (cliques.at:46)

179: Maximal cliques for a subset (igraph_maximal_cliques): FAILED (cliques.at:52)

180: Calculating independent vertex sets (igraph_independent_vertex_sets):  ok


Eigenvalues, eigenvectors


181: Symmetric matrix, LAPACK (igraph_eigen_matrix_symmetric): ok

182: Symmetric matrix, ARPACK (igraph_eigen_matrix_symmetric): ok

183: General matrix, LAPACK, LM, SM (igraph_eigen_matrix): ok

184: General matrix, LAPACK, LR, SR (igraph_eigen_matrix): ok

185: General matrix, LAPACK, LI, SI (igraph_eigen_matrix): ok

186: General matrix, LAPACK, SELECT (igraph_eigen_matrix): ok


Attributes from C


187: Reading a Pajek file with attributes:           ok

188: Writing an attributed graph in GML and GraphML: ok

189: Combining numeric attributes:                   ok

190: Combining string attributes:                    ok


BLAS, LAPACK and ARPACK based functions


191: Basic BLAS functions (igraph_blas_*):           ok

192: Dense symmetric eigenvalues and eigenvectors (igraph_lapack_dsyevr): ok

193: Dense non-symmetric eigenvalues and eigenvectors (igraph_lapack_dgeev): ok

194: Dense non-symmetric eigenvalues and eigenvectors (igraph_lapack_dgeevx): ok

195: Solving linear systems with LU factorization (igraph_lapack_dgesv): ok

196: Upper Hessenberg transformation (igraph_lapack_dgehrd): ok

197: Eigenvector centrality (igraph_eigenvector_centrality): FAILED (arpack.at:60)

198: Non-symmetric ARPACK solver (igraph_arpack_rnsolve): ok


Bipartite graphs


199: Create bipartite graphs (igraph_create_bipartite): ok

200: Projection of bipartite graphs (igraph_bipartite_projection): FAILED (bipartite.at:32)




201: Centralization (igraph_centralization_*):       FAILED (centralization.at:26)


Minimal separators


202: Decision problem (igraph_is_separator):         ok

203: Decision problem, minimal separator (igraph_is_minimal separator):  ok

204: Minimal separators (igraph_all_minimal_ab_separators):  ok

205: Minimal separators, bug 1033045 (igraph_all_minimal_st_separators):  ok

206: Minimum size separators (igraph_minimum_size_separators):  ok

207: Cohesive blocking (igraph_cohesive_blocks):     ok


Hierarchical random graphs


208: Fitting a hierarchical model (igraph_hrg_fit) : FAILED (hrg.at:26)

209: Consensus tree (igraph_hrg_consensus) :         FAILED (hrg.at:31)

210: Missing edge prediction (igraph_hrg_predict) :  FAILED (hrg.at:36)


Microscopic updates


211: Deterministic optimal imitation:                ok

212: Stochastic imitation via uniform selection:     ok

213: Stochastic imitation via roulette selection:    ok

214: Moran process:                                  ok


Thread-safety tests


215: Simple error handling test :                    ok

216: Thread-safe ARPACK:                             ok


Spectral coarse graining


217: Solving the SCG problem (igraph_scg_grouping) : ok

218: Solving the SCG problem, adjacency matrix (igraph_scg_grouping) : ok

219: Solving the SCG problem, stochastic matrix (igraph_scg_grouping) : skipped (scg.at:39)

220: Solving the SCG problem, laplacian matrix (igraph_scg_grouping) : skipped (scg.at:45)

221: SCG semi-projectors, symmetric (igraph_scg_semiprojectors) : ok

222: SCG semi-projectors, stochastic (igraph_scg_semiprojectors) : skipped (scg.at:57)

223: SCG semi-projectors, laplacian (igraph_scg_semiprojectors) : skipped (scg.at:63)

224: SCG of a graph, adjacency matrix (igraph_scg) : ok

225: SCG of a graph, stochastic matrix (igraph_scg) : skipped (scg.at:73)

226: SCG of a graph, laplacian matrix (igraph_scg) : skipped (scg.at:78)


Random number generators


227: Random seed:                                    FAILED (random.at:26)

228: MT19937 RNG on 64 bit machines:                 ok

229: Exponentially distributed random numbers:       ok

230: Random sampling from consecutive sequence:      ok

231: Fisher-Yates shuffle:                           ok


Quick sort


232: Regular qsort (igraph_qsort):                   ok

233: qsort with extra argument (igraph_qsort_r):     ok


Maximum matchings


234: Maximum bipartite matching (igraph_maximum_bipartite_matching):  ok


## ------------- ##

## Test results. ##

## ------------- ##


ERROR: 225 tests were run,

45 failed unexpectedly.

9 tests were skipped.

## -------------------------- ##

## testsuite.log was created. ##

## -------------------------- ##


Please send `tests/testsuite.log' and all information you think might help:


   To: <address@hidden>

  Subject: [igraph 0.7.1] testsuite: 46 53 54 55 56 57 59 63 64 69 70 71 73 74 75 76 85 86 87 89 91 108 118 121 122 123 126 129 134 140 153 163 164 174 176 177 178 179 197 200 201 208 209 210 227 failed


You may investigate any problem if you feel able to do so, in which

case the test suite provides a good starting point.  Its output may

be found below `tests/testsuite.dir'.



Attached you can find the file testsuite.log

What could I do?


Thank you in advance for your time,




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Description: testsuite.log

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