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[igraph] Python-igraph: Possible memory leak in GraphBase.get_all_shorte

From: fahad . khalid
Subject: [igraph] Python-igraph: Possible memory leak in GraphBase.get_all_shortest_paths()
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2015 09:29:37 +0100


I am developing a network analysis tool for evolutionary biology, which uses python-igraph. It appears that repeatedly calling get_all_shortest_paths() on the graph results in the consumption of available memory quite quickly. I have narrowed the memory leak down to get_all_shortest_paths() by using a memory profiler.

I was using python-igraph-0.6 earlier and then upgraded to python-igraph-0.7.1.post6. The upgrade did not solve the problem. The OS is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, with python 2.7.6.

Has someone else come across the same issue?


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