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[igraph] U Chicago Undergrad Need Python Directed Graph Help

From: Kevin Hong
Subject: [igraph] U Chicago Undergrad Need Python Directed Graph Help
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2016 13:18:45 -0600


My name is Kevin Hong, and I am an undergrad who works at the U Chicago Knowledge Lab. I am working on a networks analysis project, and I having trouble creating one of the graphs using Python iGraph.

I have a MySQL table with the schema (Theme, Cause, Type, Count). There are 3 different Types (positive, negative, no effect). I would like to create a graph where for a row in our table I would like to create a directed edge from Theme to Cause that has count as its weight. I am unsure how I can distinguish between the three Types in one iGraph graph. (i.e. (A,B, weight = 50, Type = positive) (A,B, weight = 40, Type = negative))

In summary, I am unsure how to create 3 different types of directed weighted edges between two vertexes in Python iGraph.

Thank you for the help.



Kevin Hong
University of Chicago '17
B.S. Computer Science | B.S. Statistics

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