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Re: [igraph] neighborhood

From: Khanna, Aditya [MED]
Subject: Re: [igraph] neighborhood
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 00:44:47 +0000

Thanks Tamas! I did it a slightly different way, the default was stored in 
`nei.list`, followed by
        lapply(nei.list, function (x) x[-1])


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To: Help for igraph users
Subject: Re: [igraph] neighborhood

> I am using igraph in R to compute the neighborhood (order 1, i.e. 
> direct
> links) of vertices in a graph. By default, the return values contain 
> the seed vertex (i.e. neighbor of order 0). Is there an way to only 
> get the order 1 neighbors?
How about this:

> g <- make_ring(10)        # just to have an example graph
> induced_subgraph(g, neighbors(g, 2))

If you need it for more than one vertex:

> lapply(c(2,3,4), function(x) { induced_subgraph(g, neighbors(g, x)) })


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