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[igraph] plotting networks

From: cowan robin
Subject: [igraph] plotting networks
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:17:57 +0200

I have a simulation of a dynamic network of about 50 nodes. I want to watch it 
evolve by plotting it every time step of the evolution.
When I did this using R 3.1.1 and the legacy igraph0 library, it worked 

I recently upgraded R to 3.3 and have installed the igraph 0.7. Plotting now is 
desperately slow, to the extent that I cannot use it. (Yes, I did change the 
vertex indexing from 0 to 1.)

Is the problem in the R upgrade, or in the igraph change?

igraph0 is not recognized by R 3.3 unfortunately.

Any suggestions?
(I am willing to downgrade to R 3.3.1, though R does not make this a simple 
operation it seems)

Thanks for your help,
Robin Cowan

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