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[igraph] finding suitable network centrality measure

From: shahab
Subject: [igraph] finding suitable network centrality measure
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2016 00:24:47 +0100


I am looking at a problem where I need to measure eigen vector centrality in a an undirected graph where edges are weighed by the amount interaction between two nodes (we call this  weight as WI) and each node itself is also have a weight showing its importance ( we call this weight WP).

The goal is to find the most influential node in the network.

I sought that the best way is to transform this graph to directed graph, where  each edge from A->B is weighted by:  WP (of node A) * WI (edge A-B)/(sum of all WIs associated. to node A)

I just wonder if this is a reasonable solution to be done using igraph:: eigen_centrality?


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