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[igraph] Returns error when printing igraph object summary

From: Filippo Santi
Subject: [igraph] Returns error when printing igraph object summary
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2018 14:32:44 +0100

Dear all, 

I created a network with plenty of vertex and edge attributes. However, as I print the summary (by typing the name of the 'igraph' object) I get the following output

IGRAPH 486b3eb DN-- 228 1781 -- 
+ attr: name (v/c), year (v/n), country (v/c), pop (v/n), gdpcap (v/n), area (v/n), gdp (v/n), heg (v/n),
| gatt (v/n), legold (v/c), legnew (v/c), inc_lev (v/c), inc_high (v/n), inc_low (v/n), inc_midlow (v/n),
| inc_midup (v/n), frag (v/n), small (v/n), iso_reg (v/c), oecd (v/n), ldc (v/n), no_region (v/n), gsp_d
| (v/n), entry_cost (v/n), entry_proc (v/n), entry_time (v/n), entry_tp (v/n), eu (v/n), in_all_num (v/n),
| in_all_inv_tot (v/n), in_all_job_tot (v/n), in_greenf_num (v/n), in_greenf_inv_tot (v/n),
| in_greenf_job_tot (v/n), in_coloc_num (v/n), in_coloc_inv_tot (v/n), in_coloc_job_tot (v/n),
| in_expan_num (v/n), in_expan_inv_tot (v/n), in_expan_job_tot (v/n), in_no_flow (v/n), in_grav_noinv
| (v/n), out_all_num (v/n), out_all_inv_tot (v/n), out_all_job_tot (v/n), out_greenf_num (v/n),
| out_greenf_inv_tot (v/n), out_greenf_job_tot (v/n), out_coloc_num (v/n), out_coloc_inv_tot (v/n),
| out_coloc_job_tot (v/n), out_expan_num (v/n), out_expan_inv_tot (v/n), out_expan_job_tot (v/n),
| out_no_flow (v/n), out_grav_noinv (v/n), year (e/n), all_num (e/n), all_inv_tot (e/n), all_inv_avg
| (e/n), all_job_tot (e/n), all_job_avg (e/n), greenf_num (e/n), greenf_inv_tot (e/n), greenf_inv_avg
| (e/n), greenf_job_tot (e/n), greenf_job_avg (e/n), coloc_num (e/n), coloc_inv_tot (e/n), coloc_inv_avg
| (e/n), coloc_job_tot (e/n), coloc_job_avg (e/n), expan_num (e/n), expan_inv_tot (e/n), expan_inv_avg
| (e/n), expan_job_tot (e/n), expan_job_avg (e/n), no_flow (e/n), grav_noinv (e/n), dist (e/n), distw
| (e/n), contig (e/n), comrelig (e/n), comlang_off (e/n), comlang_ethno (e/n), comcol (e/n), colony (e/n),
| comleg_pretrans (e/n), comcur (e/n), tdiff (e/n), conflict (e/n), smctry (e/n), subg (e/n), same_reg
| (e/n), same_inc (e/n), simil_inc (e/n)
+ edges from 486b3eb (vertex names):
Error in seq_len(no) : argument must be coercible to non-negative integer

My question is: is it something to worry about? Or, is it a simple printing issue with no consequences for the goodness of the graph?

Thank you

Filippo Santi
PhD Candidate in Development Economics

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