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[igraph] betweenness centrality on weighted networks

From: joice de faria poloni
Subject: [igraph] betweenness centrality on weighted networks
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2018 13:06:49 -0300

Dear igraph users,

I'm working with gene correlation networks, where each vertex represents a gene and each edge represents an _expression_ correlation among genes. 
In this sense, I was planning to use the igraph package to calculate network centralities, specifically betweenness and edge betweenness. 
However,  I  have a question: When I use the command "edge_betweenness" or "betweenness", the weight of the edges will be considered as costs or strengths? If they are considered as costs, can I use a command to calculate betweenness as a strength?

Thank you for your assistance regarding in this matter.

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