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[igraph] Visualization

From: bright silas Aboh
Subject: [igraph] Visualization
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2018 14:20:25 +0000

Hello All,
I am Bright and I started using igraph(python) yesterday

The goal is to use igraph to visualize cdr(call detail record), to start with, I created an edge from the cdr.csv data, using the caller as the the source and the called_number as the target.

To view this data however, igraph is showing the graph without any link or edges between the subscribers.
Any help is warmly welcome

This is a snapshot of my code in pycharm:

import pandas as pd
import igraph
import csv

reader = csv.DictReader(open("edges.csv"))
graph = igraph.Graph.DictList(vertices=None, edge_foreign_keys=("src","dst"),edges=reader,directed=False)
igraph.plot(graph,autocurve=True, edge_width = 0.051)

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