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[igraph] average local transitivity

From: Raigo Aljand
Subject: [igraph] average local transitivity
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2018 09:13:01 +0300
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I have a simple question. I looked at the archives, but it doesn't seem anyone has asked this nor does it seem to be written in the documentation.

Why do these two give me different results?

transitivity(graph, type = "average")
mean(transitivity(graph, type = "local"), na.rm = TRUE))

I understand the difference between global and local transitivity and what I read from the internet type="average" should give me the average local transitivity. Then why does the igraph average give me a different result from when I calculate the average with R. What is also strange is that type="average" is either no longer or has never been documented in the official documentation.

If it helps, my graph is directed, but as I understand it, igraph ignores the direction of the edges.

My version of igraph is Ubuntu 18.04 package r-cran-igraph with version 1.1.2 and R is from the package r-base with version 3.4.4

Thank you for your help.

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