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Re: [igraph] speed slowdown with version change

From: Cowan, R (MERIT)
Subject: Re: [igraph] speed slowdown with version change
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2018 16:49:05 +0000

Attached is the simulation script.
In it there is a block of code that uses igraph to create two networks and then 
calculate neighbourhoods of the networks.
To test the effects of igraph there is a block of code immediately following 
that creates a list of artificial neighbourhoods.

The version with the igraph networks seems to take about 70 times as long to 
run as the version with the artificial networks.

Thanks for your help.
Robin Cowan
PS. I also attach the output of Rprof() for the two versions. When I did it I 
thought the issue was R so they are labelled Rprof-3-1-3 (which uses igraph 
0.7) and Rprof-3-5-1 (which uses igraph 1.x)

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