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Re: [igraph] Remaining degree estimation

From: Tamas Nepusz
Subject: Re: [igraph] Remaining degree estimation
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2019 16:55:41 +0200

I was wondering if there is a method to estimate the pdf of the remaining degree of a graph. My first idea subtracts 1 to the degree for each vertex (in an unaddressed graph) and to use numpy to do the rest. I am using python igraph.
Sounds like a standard kernel density estimation problem (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Kernel_density_estimation); I would probably do the same as you did (i.e. subtract 1 from each vertex degree and then feed it into a kernel density estimation algorithm. igraph does not have anything built-in for this purpose as there are other libraries specialized for kernel density estimation that do this better.

All the best,

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