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Re: [igraph] fruchterman reingold

From: Stephen Davies
Subject: Re: [igraph] fruchterman reingold
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2019 16:07:04 +0000
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    I've only had luck using the Kamada-Kawai layout algorithm for this. When
you draw the graph, you can give the previous coordinates of the vertices to
layout_with_kk() (via the coords parameter) and it will use those as a starting
point in its algorithm. This allows me to create smooth animations of dynamic
graphs without the vertices jumping randomly all over the place from frame to


    Best of luck,

- Stephen Davies, Ph.D.

Ranga Bn wrote:
> Hi,
>  In python igraph version, g=Graph();
> g.layout_fruchterman_reingold(weights=edgeweightlist) function in igraph
> produces different layout of graph each time for same graph nodes and same
> edgeweightlist. How to turn off this randomness to produce the same graph
> each time?
> Regards,
> Ranganath B N.

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