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Re: [igraph] trees

From: Szabolcs Horvát
Subject: Re: [igraph] trees
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 19:30:58 +0200

Hello Keith,

This mailing list will shut down soon. Please use the forum instead:


The python-igraph documentation has a short tutorial on visualization,
which should be helpful:


For trees, look at the Reingold-Tilford layout method.

On Fri, 31 Jul 2020 at 16:20, Keith Paton <keith.paton@skynet.be> wrote:
> Hello igraph,
> I am interested in how to draw a tree, as discussed below. Who can help?
> Thanks,
> Keith Paton
> Independent researcher
> ---
> A tree is a connected graph without cycles; it can be drawn in the plane in 
> many different ways. Somewhat remarkably, the drawings of all the trees with 
> up to ten nodes published by Harary and by Schlick are remarkably similar; 
> the former were drawn by Harary’s artist, the latter by the program 
> Python.igraph.
> How does that come about? Harary wrote in 1969 so did not have access to 
> Python.igraph. What rules are used by Python.igraph and how does it come 
> about that the drawings it generates are identicalto those in Haray, even 
> down to the five cases where IMHO both systems make a mistake and draw the 
> tree wrongly.
> Harary F (1969) Graph Theory Chapman & Hall
> Tamar Schlick runs the RNA research group at NYU. Her group maintains a 
> database of trees with up to ten nodes, all drawn by Python.igraph
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