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[igraph] Fine-Tuning 3D Plot for a Graph

From: Lorenzo Isella
Subject: [igraph] Fine-Tuning 3D Plot for a Graph
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2020 13:40:05 +0100
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Dear All,
I am aware of what written here


i.e. that a 3D plot of a graph is experimental and not very useful.
However, in my case, it is extremely useful and not just for aesthetic reasons: 
I need to plot a 3D system of particles held together by some bonds and 
everything is given precisely as 3D graph.
Please have a look at the simple example

g <- make_lattice( c(5,5,5) )
coords <- layout_with_fr(g, dim=3)

rglplot(g, layout=coords, vertex.color="green", vertex.label=NA,
edge.color="blue", edge.width=3)

What I need to do is to tinker a bit with the light and the "reflectivity" of 
the edges (some of which can look almost white depending on how I rotate this object).
Any help is appreciated.


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