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[Info-chinese] No need to visit local drug store.

From: Forestry J. Periscope
Subject: [Info-chinese] No need to visit local drug store.
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 02:08:01 -0600

Now here's the perfect solution for you - Viagra. It is truly a "Wonder Drug of the 90s."

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During this process I took a right shoe from the corpse with the biggest feet and jammed my frozen left foot into it. But this is the one I can really take pride in Ifingered through the jingling hardware until I came to an unsightly thing, all comets, novas and sparkling lights. There would have to be a lot stronger reason before I would subject my delicate gray cells to this kind of jarring around. Made almost no sound while running,which was how the rig had slid up without wakening me. I arranged them in a neat row in the front of the truck where they wouldnt be in my way, and went to work. The manager of the spaceyard that was building the ship had no idea of its true nature. My knees were shaky and great blobs of color kept fogging my vision. Outside, dammit, outside! the Count shouted, coughing at the same time.

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