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[Info-chinese] Can you imagine?

From: Jeanine F. Capek
Subject: [Info-chinese] Can you imagine?
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2006 01:55:03 -0600

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All this continence had his nerves on edge and I thought he would appreciate a good nights sleep. The League fleet is already closing in on the renegades and you will be informed of the capture. Everything about the First Bank of Freibur begged to be cracked. A simple hole in the wall and I had access to the entire stock of stored goods, long-term supplies that I knew would be untouched for months or years in a warehouse this size. She pulled a bottle from the table and banged it into the side of his head with neat efficiency. Both of us were half-dazed from my drop, yet we knew it was life we were battling for. Only when she turned away did I make myself remember that this was business not pleasure, and I had astern duty to perform. Pain from the toe washed up and joined the ache in my chest, head and arm, and I fought for corpselike rigidity as the stretcher trundled along.

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