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[Info-chinese] Go on the rise

From: Raquel Avila
Subject: [Info-chinese] Go on the rise
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 16:05:53 -0120

We=re glad to propose a new offer you will definitely accept. It is an 
incredible occasion to makemoney without the risk of losing them. We assure 
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We have got thoroughly tested note according to the new rise on the market 
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these news will blow (M_B_W_C .PK) up through the roof!! The cause is that 
(M_B_W_C) is rapidly climbing up but you can take a position to dig in and 
share the success. The price gonna be mad on the way up, join it now while it=s 
low and get richier.
Feature: Mobile Airwaves New (M_B_W_C . PK)
Currently: Around O.05
Projected: O.20
And remember, such an occasion may not last long.

Don=t boast of your preceding achievement; show what you can do now! Once you 
put your money in, you=ll see earning greenbucks with (M.B.W.C .PK) is a very 
nice and easy job with no need to feel worry on it.

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