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[Info-chinese] DebtFree Immediately

From: ray harris
Subject: [Info-chinese] DebtFree Immediately
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 20:22:28 -0600
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 Lawyers just found a mistake in the bank laws. Using waht we found we were
5uccessful at entirely eliminating peop1es creditcarddebt with 0ut them
having to pay one more dime. We know that our firm can do this for you also.

Please contact us-

When first they came to it there was a solid wall before them; but
presently it revolved until there was exposed a wide, smooth path across it
to the other side. These things were much more plainly and quickly viewed by
Rob from above than by threading a way through the streets on foot; for he
looked down upon the city as a bird does, and covered miles with a single

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