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[Info-chinese] With pleasure to you...

From: Ivanova Maria
Subject: [Info-chinese] With pleasure to you...
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 21:50:14 +0000

Hey, how are You?
Do You know that soon is Xmas? ;-)

Yeah right!

And we KNOW, that this thing will help you to be

the BEST OF THE BEST this night.

Don't loose this chance and try it at


And see You later ;-)

dsfskf sdfdsf wefrwef
    'A hundred per cent! ' affirmed the poet, who loved to use pretentious
numerical expressions.
    'Astounding!  '  cried  their unbidden companion.  Glancing  furtively
round and lowering  his voice he said : ' Forgive me for being so rude,  but
am  I right in thinking that you do not believe in  God  either? ' He gave a
horrified look and said: ' I swear not to tell anyone! '
    'Yes, neither of us believes in  God,' answered Berlioz  with a  faint
smile at this foreign  tourist's apprehension.  '  But we can  talk about it
with absolute freedom.'
    The foreigner leaned against the backrest of the bench  and asked, in a

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