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[Info-chinese] fw:Updated news resource potential found

From: raquel boyd
Subject: [Info-chinese] fw:Updated news resource potential found
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 19:45:56 +1100

Market Makers and lnvestors should be on high alert starting N0W. People who live in these parts must pass most of their lives in a tremble.
Your immediate attention to SGCP could pay off The sun was now shining brilliantly, and when the beautiful islands of Japan came in sight Rob found that he had recovered his wonted cheerfulness.
First day company profile Nov. 24 2006 up 27.27% He moved along slowly, hovering with curious interest over the quaint and picturesque villages and watching the industrious Japanese patiently toiling at their tasks. Just before he reached Tokio he came to a military fort, and for nearly an hour watched the skilful maneuvers of a regiment of soldiers at their morning drill.
The Next Home Run, Presents dead,.
Sierra Gold Corporation. they.
OTC:SGCP.PK tossed.
Current price, 14 cents him.
Sierra's project is located in the fastest growing gold-producing region in the world. aside.
This prolific region has already seen past major gold productions. Do all indicators point to Sierra Gold being next to uncover a multi-MlLLlON dollar discovery? Diamonds too? The Valley of Voices By journeying through the glass mountain they had reached a delightful valley that was shaped like the hollow of a great cup, with another rugged mountain showing on the other side of it, and soft and pretty green hills at the ends.
At $500 per ounce, the property's potential value would be over $26O MlLLlON. It was all laid out into lovely lawns and gardens, with pebble paths leading through them and groves of beautiful and stately trees dotting the landscape here and there.

Resource potential could be in excess of $5OO,OOO,OOO with significant areas of the property yet to be explored. They were not very big people, compared with other nations, but they seemed alert and well trained, and the boy decided it would require a brave enemy to face them on a field of battle.
Read the news and you decide! Having at length satisfied his curiosity as to Japanese life and customs Rob prepared for his long flight across the Pacific Ocean.
GSS:AMEX & MNO:CDNX are both in the same region bordering SGCP's property. There were orchards, too, bearing luscious fruits that are all unknown in our world.
Sierra Gold Announces Results for Potential Gold Reserves By consulting his map he discovered that should he maintain his course due east, as before, he would arrive at a point in America very near to San Francisco, which suited his plans excellently.
Mr. Manke estimated the gold reserves to be approximately 520,000 ounces. At $500 per ounce, the property's potential value would be over $26O MlLLlON. and.
This report does not include the property's potential hard rock gold vein referred to by Hendrik Veldhuyzen's 43-101 report (2006) (see Oct. 2 press release). forgot.
The hard rock area is situated in close proximity to the largest known hard rock gold vein in Sierra Leone. (Go online and read this N0W, this is a partial clip of the news). Having found that he moved more swiftly when farthest from the earth's surface, because the air was more rarefied and offered less resistance, Rob mounted upwards until the islands of Japan were mere specks visible through the clear, sunny atmosphere.
Sierra Gold Corporation Discusses Pampana North's Hard Rock Gold and Diamond Potential all.
Mr. Velduyzen also noted in his report that certain stones found in the gold bearing gravel are similar to those found in kimberlites about.
and suggest the presence of diamonds. Sierra Leone is a major exporter of diamonds, which are well known for their size and quality. (Partial clip, go read the news N0W) Then he began his eastward flight, the broad surface of the Pacific seeming like a blue cloud far beneath him.
16. Shipwrecked Mariners Ample proof of Rob's careless and restless nature having been frankly placed before the reader in these pages, you will doubtless be surprised when I relate that during the next few hours our young gentleman suffered from a severe attack of homesickness, becoming as gloomy and unhappy in its duration as ever a homesick boy could be.
Material inside is prep could have been solely based knowledge the matter of the material appears to be trustworthy and more importantly something that could you could trust to depend on. info in this will not be affirmed or endoresed as correct and shouldn't consider this an a11 encompassing Our opinions often have forward look ing state ments within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities act of 1933 and Section 21B of the SEC Act of 1934 that quite frankly have some risk or risks or unknowns. This material is for informational purposes only and info purposes solely AND d0 not think this is an off er or add to by or sale security or st0ck We have no license whatsoever in any field at all. I would highly recommend speaking or making a simple call to a licensed broker. I would if I were you before you trade in any security, at this time, none of us have been given compensation but we are speaking about it. Obviously, we do expect to get paid :).
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