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[Info-chinese] Delegation to Investigate Forced Organ Seizure in Communi

From: leshydonlop
Subject: [Info-chinese] Delegation to Investigate Forced Organ Seizure in Communist China
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 00:29:31 -0800

Announcing the Australian Delegation to Investigate
Forced Organ Seizure in Communist China

The Australian Delegation is Part of a Global Alliance under the CIPFG1 -the 

Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China 

The Australian team is among four such delegations from the international 
committed to follow up the
allegations and evidence presented in the Matas-Kilgour Report of July 20063

The Australian CIPFG has strong support ranging from State and Federal members 
legislators, community and religious leaders, human rights organizations to 
concerned private 
citizens, it has over 53 members and is still fast growing. 

The primary objective of the CIPFG is to gain entry into China and conduct 
inspections and 
investigations in an unfettered manner with the aim to stop and/or prevent the 
alleged killing of 
Falun Gong prisoners of conscience and possibility others. 

Press Conference: Date, Time, Venue 

Media contacts: ERC, CIPFG 

1 The Coalition was first being called for in April 2006, upon allegation of 
large numbers of organ seizure from Falun
Gong prisoners of conscience in China.

2 Recently four CIPFG delegations are taking shape, and will be headed by 
current or former parliamentarians from
Canada, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong.

3 Full report available at 


-March 2006, upon hearing the allegations of harvesting vital organs from Falun 
Gong practitioners alive in massive scale through the ex-wife of a Chinese 
surgeon and other informers, Falun Gong practitioners around the world believed 
and feared the allegations to be true. This is because they have been reading 
reports from China of imprisonment and torture daily over the last seven years 
their fellow practitioners. They called for help. 

-In April 2006, initiated by Falun Dafa Associations and the 
(, a Coalition was founded calling for the alliance of the 
world’s governments and organizations to joint handedly investigate these 

-Shortly after, two high profile Canadians, a human right lawyer and a former 
crown prosecutor, accepted the Coalition’s invitation to pursuit this matter. 
Although their request to visit China was blocked, through inductive reasoning, 
with 18 types of evidence carefully analysed, the two gentlemen published the 
historical Matas-Kilgour Report in July 2006 which concluded that the 
which amount to genocide and a new form of evil on this planet, is regretfully 
be believed. 

-The Matas-Kilgour Report has made 17 practical and constructive 
recommendations many of which can and should be implemented even before the 
allegations are proven true. “Recommendation 10” -immediately stopping the 
persecution and the imprisonment of Falun Gong practitioners -is of key 
importance, as it is the most direct and effective way to prevent, if not stop, 
alleged killing. We are committed not only to the investigation, but also to 
these constructive recommendations implemented. 

4 a web-site maintained by Falun Dafa practitioners 
focusing on reporting news of the movement 
worldwide and the persecution in China. 

-Since July 2006, increased awareness of the crime has brought stronger and 
stronger voice around the world to condemn this persecution of peaceful and 
innocent citizens who only aspire to improve themselves by following the 
principles of Truth-Benevolence-Forbearance. The world is demanding that the 
persecution of Falun Gong practitioners must stop, and it must stop 

-Meanwhile, the CIPFG has received strong support from many countries in four 
continents. It is the Coalition’s plan now that a number of delegations, lead 
current and former parliamentarians of the world’s free countries, will go into 
China to see to it that the preventive measures recommended by the Matas-
Kilgour Report are implemented. 

-The overriding bottom line of the mission to save lives by preventing the 

-It is worth mentioning that since the gruesome crime of live organ harvesting 
exposed through the accounts of the three informers5 in March-April, China 
quickly announced plans to bring in new laws, effective 1st July, to regulate 
organ trade. Some may have invested hope in the regime to clean up its act, 
however, the September 27 BBC report “Organ sales 'thriving' in China” 6 served 
as a 
wake up call. Others more familiar with the history of the regime did not hold 
such hope. On the contrary they are deeply concerned that what has been 
up” is likely to be the witnesses and evidence. 

-We cannot stand by and let the serious crimes depicted by the allegations 

-The Australian Delegation to China is being formed, and will be joined by 
other delegations with similar aspirations from Europe, Asia, and North 
Tentatively each delegation will inspect hospitals and detention facilities in 
number of different cities and provinces. 


6 BBC report 

-A request for meetings to discuss arrangement for unfettered access to 
facilities and hospitals in China will be sent to the Chinese Embassy. We also 
on the Australian government to support us in this mission. 

-The Delegation will comprise of small teams of 4-8, a minimum of two 
investigators plus interpreter and others in each team. The teams will go 
or in turns depending on the situation, each for around 7-10 days. 

-The teams may go to any detention facilities and hospitals listed as starting 
for our investigation in the three provinces that the Australia team covers. 
But the 
team may also go to other cities or provinces when the need arises. 

-The Delegation will also seek to visit renowned Chinese human rights Lawyer 
Gao Zhi Sheng who is an investigator of the CIPFG. Lawyer Gao was arrested 
on 15th August, thereafter his whereabouts unknown. Amnesty International, the 

U.S. Congress and the European Parliament have called for the release of Lawyer 

-We are confident that we will achieve the requested access because assisting 
independent investigation is in the best interests of the Chinese government. 
It is 
also in their best interests that the persecution of Falun Gong ends 
When all Falun Gong prisoners of conscience are released from detention, the 
facilities can be open for inspections without worry. 

-We also call on the Chinese government to prosecute those responsible for 
instigating and starting the persecution -Jiang Ze min, Luo Gan, Liu Jing and 
Zhou Yong kang. 

Who are the investigators in CIPFG? 

CIPFG currently has over 53 members. For privacy and security reasons, they 
will not be 
named before the delegation has successfully gained entry to China. What we can 
say is 
that they range from legislators, legal and medical professionals, academics, 
workers to religious and community leaders. 

Are these 50 investigators all going to China? 

No, some will just be providing supports in Australia. Some would go but need 
to resolve 
availability or funding issues, but we have sufficient number of investigators 
who are 
ready to go when unfettered access is organized to detention facilities and 

How to ensure this will be an independent investigation? 

For the investigators, they are reputable Australians citizens and 
organizations who are
neither the victim nor the accused, they are third party.
As for the targets of investigation, the details of people and places the team 
will visit will
not be disclosed before hand so that the regime could not “clear it out” in 
like taking the SARS patients into ambulance and circle around the city when 
the WHO
representatives were inspecting the hospitals during the epidemics.

Who will pay for the travel, accommodation, etc? 

Each private member will be self-funding, which may involve fund raising 
efforts for 
some investigators. 

Who is responsible for the teams’ safety? 

Please read the mission statement and rational of the investigation provided, 
and our 
requests to the Chinese government. 
When the Chinese authority agrees under international pressure to implement the 
recommendations in the Matas-Kilgour Report and agrees to be open to 
investigation, security and safety concerns for the delegation should have been 
We are also concerned for the safety of those we meet and interview during the 
course of 

our investigation. The true safety for all concerned can only be guaranteed if 
persecution of Falun Gong ends immediately, and that is what we are pressing 

What are you going to investigate? 

One of the first initiator of the Coalition is (, a 
web site 
that has been Chinese Falun Gong practitioners’ main contact point to the 
outside world. 
Over the last seven years since the crackdown begun, the web site has received 
reports of persecution from inside China, many are first hand account by the 
victims of 
the persecution. Leads for investigation will be compiled from these reports. A 
list of 
labour camps and hospitals that the Australian delegation will target has 
already been 
compiled from this web site and copies are available. 

What do you think can be achieved by this mission? Will you find any evidence? 

There were 17 recommendations made in the Matas-Kilgour Report of July 2006,
majority of which can be implemented without first finding direct proof of the 
The mission will achieve a lot in putting some of these recommendations into 
action and
pressing for the other recommendations be put into action. By so doing it is 
believed that
we will prevent (if not stop) the alleged killing of prisoners of conscience 
for their organs.

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