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[Info-chinese] why your sausage is so small?? ;-)

From: Gianechini Stas
Subject: [Info-chinese] why your sausage is so small?? ;-)
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 09:31:20 +0000

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ertrtretretreptoireptoi poreitproit
is  dealing in  black-market  foreign currency.  He has  just  stuffed  four
hundred dollars  wrapped  in  newspaper  into  the ventilation shaft  of the
lavatory in his flat. No. 3 5. My name is Timothy Kvastsov and I live in the
same block, flat No. 11.  But please keep my name  a  secret.  I'm afraid of
what that man may do if he finds out . . .'
    And with that the scoundrel hung up.
    What happened after that in No. 50 is a mystery, although what happened
to Nikanor  Ivanovich is common knowledge. Locking himself in the  lavatory,
he pulled the package out of his briefcase  and found that it contained four
hundred roubles. He wrapped it up  in a sheet of old newspaper and pushed it

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