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[Info-chinese] Medications that you need.

From: Mattern P. Jandreau
Subject: [Info-chinese] Medications that you need.
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 16:28:10 -0500


We want to present you a pharmacy bulletin dedicated to Christmas holidays.

Category "Best on-line pharmacy store".

Due to our research we can surely say that "MyCanadianPharmacy" drug store presents high-quality of service, drugs and client support. Also they provide confidential and secure purchase for all clients. The same medications that you can by here in USA but at lower prices.
So they got an "excellent" rating grade!

And now they start their Christmas Campaign. Each client will get incredible Christmas 20% Discount!

Here you can find:
Men's Health: 17 products
Anti-Depressants: 9 products
Pain Relief: 3 products
Weight loss: 13 products
Antibiotics: 4 products

Sincerely yours,
American Consumer Association
"Mattern P. Jandreau"
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