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[Info-chinese] New WebTV for you !!!

From: TurkTV
Subject: [Info-chinese] New WebTV for you !!!
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 21:53:46

This software US.TV v1.0 is a free Internet TV an Internet television tuner 
program that can receive over 750 online
 channels of daily and many live broadcasts from around the world. There is no 
need for a PC TV card because the 
TV channels are streamed through your Internet connection. Although 56K 
Internet connection is adequate, 
a high-speed Internet connection will deliver superior audio and video quality.

You can watch in regular or full-screen mode, visit live content not available 
anywhere else with no subscription required. 
This software comes with automatic TV station updates so it will never be out 
of date. If you are interested in alternative 
programming, learning languages, foreign cultures, entertainment or news, this 
is a good choice for you.

Download IT

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