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[Info-chinese] Are you big man? Then you must have it!

From: Cicognani Giacomo
Subject: [Info-chinese] Are you big man? Then you must have it!
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 10:58:23 +0000

Hello Buddy

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weirjdfjhdgndsshrwefgd ghjrjnjgjmfjjojijkjijqkrkkmgkkksjggqkojkku

voice positively squeaking with curiosity :
    'Are you . . . atheists? '
    'Yes, we're atheists,' replied Berlioz, smiling, and Bezdomny  thought
angrily : ' Trying to pick an argument, damn foreigner! '
    'Oh, how delightful!' exclaimed the astonishing foreigner and swivelled
his head from side to side, staring at each of them in turn.
    'In our  country  there's nothing  surprising  about  atheism,'  said
Berlioz  with  diplomatic  politeness.  ' Most of us have long ago and quite
consciously given up believing in all those fairy-tales about God.'
    At this the foreigner did an extraordinary thing--he stood up and shook

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