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[Info-chinese] Make it larger!

From: Teguh Sinatra
Subject: [Info-chinese] Make it larger!
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 16:20:15 +0000

Salute Dude

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eeoitoitfkgdjkgsfjnsfff mthfhjhshilfhshmioiuimhfiggkigiohsmmikhoiq

it? '
    The little man only came up to Poplavsky's shoulder, but he reduced him
to mortal terror  with his  fang, his knife and his wall-eyed squint and  he
had an air of cool, calculating energy.
    First  he  picked   up  the  passport  and  handed  it   to  Maximilian
Andreyevich, who took  it with a  limp hand. Then Azazello took the suitcase
in  his left  hand,  flung open  the  front door with his  right and  taking
Berlioz's uncle by  the arm led him out on to the landing. Poplavsky  leaned
against the wall. Without a  key  Azazello opened the  little suitcase, took
out  of it  an enormous roast chicken  minus one  leg wrapped in greaseproof

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