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[Info-chinese] Your upgrade from S to XL size is ready.

From: Leebetter James
Subject: [Info-chinese] Your upgrade from S to XL size is ready.
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 20:24:30 +0000

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he  achieve?  I've  never been able to discover . . . What about that famous
phrase of his that begins " A storm of  mist.  . ."? What  a load of rot! He
was lucky, that's all, just lucky!  '--Ryukhin concluded venomously, feeling
the lorry start to move under him--'  and just  because  that White  officer
shot at him and smashed his hip, he's famous for ever . . .'
    The jam was moving. Less than two minutes later the poet, now  not only
ill but ageing, walked on to the Griboyedov verandah. It was nearly empty.
    Ryukhin, laden  with  dish-cloths,  was  greeted  warmly  by  Archibald
Archibaldovich and immediately relieved of the horrible rags. If Ryukhin had
not been  so exhausted  by the  lorry-ride  and  by  his experiences  at the

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