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[Info-chinese] Are you still with short weenie? ;-)

From: Maynard Malcolm
Subject: [Info-chinese] Are you still with short weenie? ;-)
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 17:11:38 +0000

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forehead and the Procurator looked the High Priest straight  in the eye with
    'I confess that your reply surprises me,' began the Procurator softly.
' I fear there may have been some misunderstanding here.'
    Pilate stressed that the  Roman  government wished  to make no  inroads
into the  prerogatives of the local  priestly authority, the High Priest was
well aware of that,  but  in this particular case an obvious error seemed to
have  occurred.  And  the Roman  government  naturally  had  an  interest in
correcting  such an error. The crimes of Bar-Abba and Ha-Notsri  were  after
all not comparable in gravity.  If the latter, a man who was clearly insane,

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