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[Info-chinese] Re: deodoran = vociferatio

From: Beatrix Dee
Subject: [Info-chinese] Re: deodoran = vociferatio
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 20:37:21 +0200

all my concealed weaponry was gone.
. . .
I started to say Where are we? but figured that was a pretty dim
brain into action. thats my cousins name. Call me Zach.
darkness until the door clanged shut and the lights came on. We were
A summons for you, oh lucky ones. Iron John will see you in the
else. We watch them and keep them going mostly by habit-and for our
Thats nice-what is it?
tell you-it has had me pretty worried. Thank you-> >
bother to answer. Very soon after that Madonette called in that a
clothing and, with the exception of heroically-bearded Floyd, diple

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