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[Info-chinese] It would cost the government and the pharmaceutical compa

From: Bill
Subject: [Info-chinese] It would cost the government and the pharmaceutical companies money.
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 07:49:09 +0100

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Then he created a supplement that combined those vitamins and minerals,
plus an herb that's been used in Asian medicine to treat acne.
Wouldn't that be terrible?
But the state said, "No, you can't do that.
They'll be parents who take charge of the health of their children and
don't feed them soft drinks and candy bars and who don't allow them to
eat those nutritionally depleted school lunches.
These vitamins and minerals were chosen based on their performance in
past clinical studies. We could bottle these up and sell them back to
the same people who took them once already. The drugs you buy in the
United States are perfectly safe, but if you buy the exact same chemical
compound from Canada, "No, no, those are dangerous.
It's called screwing the U. Previous data had shown declines in total
cholesterol levels in U.
I was kind of pleasantly surprised that it worked, and intrigued and
kind of excited about the idea of maybe stumbling onto something
important," he said.
They think the FDA is looking out to protect them.
They can't think straight.
I'm an optimist in my own health and the health of everybody who wants
to take responsibility for their own health.
drug regulators, even though the information could potentially save
lives. It's like the captain of a sinking ship arguing about the color
of the deck paint.
That's a tremendous increase in the risk of suicide-related events for
taking these drugs.
You have to really reform this system from the top down.
Contact us for article submission guidelines. This is not a paperwork
problem, yet that's the solution we hear out there.
You've got hydrogenated oils that function as brain poison and heart
poison in the human body. You've got sodium nitrate that causes cancer.
The FDA that tries to create a monopoly drug market in this country by
banning the import of generic prescription drugs from elsewhere around
the world. " We're going to mandate coverage for all drugs and it's
going to be paid for by the government. In essence, doctors can make
their own jobs easier by prescribing antibiotics more judiciously, thus
slowing the spread of superbugs. These are bureaucrats, decision makers,
even politicians, who have been given the responsibility of protecting
the public and who have sold out that responsibility. So, call me a
pessimist if you like, but I think I'm actually a realist and an
optimist on a personal level.
I don't see any honest discussion of health care reform, do you? The
Gulf of Mexico is half dead now, which is better than the American
population, which is half brain dead.
Of course, that's all a myth. 4 percent, trends which likely contributed
to triglyceride increases. I just kind of put all this together and
decided, 'I think I'll come up with something that will help my patients
with acne, that they would be happier taking than taking antibiotics,'"
he said. By just focusing on the nutritional causes and effects of acne,
he has been able to help his patients at his private clinic. You outlaw
refined sugar. It's called protectionism.
Just like every other American out there, you've been conned. See more
articles and news on bacteriaTrack news on hospital at MedicineCulture.
Lots of political influence with the leaders of drug companies? We made
sure they never got good nutrition.
You can't keep doing that over and over, with the same patients,
generation after generation, if you want your nation to be financially
While some people are out there talking about, "Let's reform the FDA,"
my view continues to be, "Let's arrest the FDA.
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