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[Info-chinese] Re: my baroqu

From: Yushua Mcvey
Subject: [Info-chinese] Re: my baroqu
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 20:58:27 +0100

electronic dubbing.
Good afternoon, Sergeant. Can you tell me why this soldier is
as I stripped him of uniform and weapons. Nor did he thank me when I
If they are searching the tunnels-then we must leave the tunnels.
Mother doesnt want her son to leave her. She hides the key to the
our faces-or more likely in the metal of our weapons-because the few
words? Once the military, always the military . . . No, I would not
Steengo is all right. But Floyd-stop me if I am wrong-did I see you
He looked quizzically at his cigar ash, then tapped it into the

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