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[Info-chinese] Curious thing about your one-eyed monster.

From: Madjarov Sharon
Subject: [Info-chinese] Curious thing about your one-eyed monster.
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 21:02:41 +0000

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turned  round to  the doctor, offered him  his hand, said a curt goodbye and
started to go.
    'Excuse  me, but  where are you  proposing to go?'  said  the doctor,
looking Ivan in the eye. ' At  this hour of night, in your  underwear .  . .
You're not well, stay with us.'
    'Come on, let me through,' said Ivan to the orderlies who had lined up
to  block the doorway. ' Are you  going  to let me go or not?  ' shouted the
poet in a terrible voice.
    Ryukhin  shuddered.  The  woman  pressed  a  button on  the  desk  ;  a
glittering  metal box  and  a  sealed  ampoule  popped out  on to its  glass

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