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[Info-chinese] Adding few more inches to your schlong.

From: Zolotar Denis
Subject: [Info-chinese] Adding few more inches to your schlong.
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 20:27:40 +0000

Salute Dude

I don't care why your one-eyed monster is so small, but 87% of women do.
They are pretty sure that bigger ramrod will make their desire
stronger. You have the chance to change your life.

Here you can get the thing.

It will help you for sure.
The remedy can be sent worldwide.
If you wont be satisfied - we will return all you money.
No bullshit.

being arrested, he had hidden himself  in the  crevice  where he could watch
    Now as he sat on his stone, his eyes festering from heat, dust and lack
of sleep, the black-bearded man felt miserable. First he would sigh, opening
his travel-worn tallith, once blue but  now turned dirty grey, and bare  his
sweating,  bruised chest,  then  he  would raise  his  eyes  to the  sky  in
inexpressible agony, following the three vultures who had long been circling
the hilltop in expectation of a feast, then gaze  hopelessly  at  the yellow
soil where he stared at the half-crushed skull of a dog and the lizards that
scurried around it.

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