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About merging when no CVS dir are present

From: David D
Subject: About merging when no CVS dir are present
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 22:32:55 +0100


I make a post a few weeks ago, some of u respond me with :

>I work with a designer fot my site, I give him a version of my site not
>tagged I think.
>He remove all the cvs dire he s got on it an d gave me his job.

1. Checkout a copy of the module based on date/time using -D.  Use the date
that you gave him the files.
2. Copy his changed files over to the checked out copy.
3. Do a cvs update to bring in any changes that you have commited since you
gave the files to the designer, resolve any conflicts and ensure everything
merged smoothly.
4. cvs commit the changes.
5. If the designer is doing more work, give the designer the up to date
files, including cvs directories, and tag the appropriate files in the
repository in case he loses the cvs/ directories again.

But I update no conflits where found cool,
But when I commit I hava a lot of messages like this :
cvs commit : connot commit with sticky date for file 'toto/toto.php'
I dont know what to do ?


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