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BUG in "cvs сo -r" (CVS 1.11.0)?

From: Alexei Lioubimov
Subject: BUG in "cvs сo -r" (CVS 1.11.0)?
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 18:28:57 +0300

I tried a  "cvs co -r mytag myproj" and receive the following:

cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot open directory .../CVS/mypoj/Attic: Not a

It is true -- since i have deleted nothing in myproj yet, i don't have Attic
in it. But why is it impossible to checkout a tag or revision if module
doesn't contain Attics?

After i manually mkdir _empty_ Attic in .../CVS/mypoj cvs was satisfied and
checked out mytag.
Is this a BUG? If yes, then is there a workaround?

Thank you,
Alexei Lioubimov

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