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syncing with latest cvs of thirdparty project

From: Timothy Pratley
Subject: syncing with latest cvs of thirdparty project
Date: 3 Jan 2002 15:34:59 -0800

Hi :)

I use an alpha api which is constantly being updated. They have a cvs
server so I can get updates no problem... but I think I'm doing
something wrong. If I do cvs update, the sync is not perfect (sometime
I miss out on a file or retain an old one... or a directory). If I
delete the directory and checkout again it works perfectly. Are there
some command line arguments to ensure that I have _exactly_ the latest
version from cvs (please note here that I sometime edit the files when
there is a problem, but would like these to be reverted to whatever is
in the repository everytime I sync). From the documentation -A and -D
look promising... however there doesn't seem to be anything to get rid
of my changes and just use the latest CVS versions of everything.

Does anyone know the correct way to do what I'm describing? (ie: a
'vicious' update that ensures a perfect mimic of the repository).


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