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Re: syncing with latest cvs of thirdparty project

From: Kaz Kylheku
Subject: Re: syncing with latest cvs of thirdparty project
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 07:49:47 GMT
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In article <address@hidden>, Timothy
Pratley wrote:
>Hi :)
>I use an alpha api which is constantly being updated. They have a cvs
>server so I can get updates no problem... but I think I'm doing
>something wrong. If I do cvs update, the sync is not perfect (sometime
>I miss out on a file or retain an old one... or a directory). If I
>delete the directory and checkout again it works perfectly.

To get new directories, you have to use the -d flag. If new things
are added to your module via the modules file, these changes are not
picked up, they require a checkout, because the modules file is only
processed on checkout.

Note that the CVS is concurrent, which means that there is never
a guarantee that two update operations get the same versiosn of
anything. Some other user can sneak in an commit a change.

So the breakage you are seeing could simply be due to people breaking the
build of the ``alpha API'' you are using. It's possible, for instance,
for a developer to add some files locally to a project, but forget to
add some of them to CVS. When the changes are committed, everything
appears normal to the developer, but someone else who checks out the
changes will have a project that refers to nonexistent files.  By the
time you do a fresh checkout, the problem could be fixed in the meanwhile.

Other than that, if you see weird discrepancies, it strongly indicates
that people are manually screwing with the repository.

The thing to do is to complain to the ``alpha API'' maitainers when
something breaks. Find out who committed the last change that broke
it and send e-mail to that developer.

>of my changes and just use the latest CVS versions of everything.

CVS has a new update option as of 1.11 or thereabouts. The -C option
means to overwrite locally modified files with repository copies.

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