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Re: Accidental -kb option used when adding a text file

From: David D
Subject: Re: Accidental -kb option used when adding a text file
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 01:22:00 +0100

I have the reversed problems, I had binaries into the repository as text.
It's web pictures.
And I want them to be in binaries, furtunetly I keep them in my working dir.
How can i tell the repo to consider them as bin...

For not making the error again I make a cvswrapper but it was to late.


> Duncan Sommerville writes:
> >
> > cvs admin -kv <myfile.txt>
> That should be -kkv.
> > Typically you need to do an 'update' afterwards for the change to be
> > reflected in the workspace, however in my version of CVS (1.10) changing
> > from a -kb to -kv needed me to redo the 'checkout' operation before the
> > change was evident in the workspace...
> A simple update isn't sufficient because CVS doesn't distinguish between
> -k options that came from the repository and -k options that came from
> the command line.  You either need to do update -A or update -kkv.
> -Larry Jones
> I kind of resent the manufacturer's implicit assumption
> that this would amuse me. -- Calvin

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