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modifying to ignore certain files

From: Thomas S. Urban
Subject: modifying to ignore certain files
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 17:44:07 -0800
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I'm using the '' to move all VSS projects to CVS at our
company.  It seems to be working well, but it is taking a very long
time.  I did a trial import of just one small part of our VSS
repository, and because of sharing with other projects in VSS, it took
serveral hours and put 35MB of files in the CVS repository.

I an wondering if I can prevent the script from processing binary files
(.doc, .lib, .exe) files in CVS, of which there are many, if it might
save time and disk space.  These files ultimately won't be stored in CVS

So after a quick look through, it looks like I have several
places where I could do a regex on file extension, but not knowing a
great deal about how the script works, I thought I'd check to see if
anyone has tips/advice.  Here are the possibilities I see:

 - in the loop that processes 'dirlist' and writes to 'ssfiledump'

 - in the loop that reads 'ssfiledump' before calling 'resync_file()'

 - in resync_file()

I'd also like to add an option (or env var as other options are
processed) to specify lists of file extension to ignore.


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